Just So Deerhound Photo




Deerhounds & borzoi at play


Happy hounds make me a happy person!

I´d like to provide ample opportunity for playfulness in our everyday lives, and on this homepage you´re invited to enjoy my hounds having fun!

There will also be an assortment of other goodies; recipies, books, travel adventures, puppy pics, non-hound photos, and whatever else I grow interested in along the way..

My Mother informed me, when I expressed my disappointment at not having sold a single photograph at the 2008 Folk Easter Art Show in my native Skåne; "Well who on Earth would want to buy a photo of someone elses dog?!"

If you want to prove my Mother wrong ;), please don´t hesitate in dropping me an email and I´ll sort something out for you, size and price to please us both.

Hope you´ll enjoy your visit with us here in cyberspace

Camilla Colleen, Sweden

Exiting the Fairy-tale Forest; Juno, Rankin, Otis & Jadeite Dec 2009