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February -10

Brrrrrrrrr...Switching my kennel name to Just Snow....

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All 11 B-litter pups (5 boys, 6 girls) JUST LOVE the snowy season. Here are our favourite Gothenburgh friends Warum & Nevil, in yet another superb shot by any of the Franklin family photographers :)!

Flying Circus Otis - one of many Just Snow hounds thriving this permafrosty winter ;)..

Just So Butterfly Stampede with big sis J.S.Airborne Roberta Flack, putting back snow in her hair after winning BOS & 2nd CC in Bö, Norway, earlier that Sunday morning. Photo Ingvild&Öystein!

Head on handsome Glen - Just So Ben Stack -about to win BOB in Bö, Norway! Thanks Nina Breithen, for super handling of your boy..

Back Yard Coursing; Ailsa, Crail & Otis

Like father, like son; Rebus´s Darling Otis

Birthday Boy Teine Just So Jadeite turned 2 Feb 23 :)

Just So Berneray Bedlam & J.S.Ben More

Back yard barbican Teine Just So Jadeite, Otis & CC Toppan

CC Top Turnberry making friends with Lina at Hässleholm Allbreed Puppyshow. CC followed nicely in the footprints of Daddy Rebus (BOB in 2008) and halfbrother Just So Blixt Gordon (Best in sighthoundgroup 2nd in 2009) by kissing group judge Mrs Agneta Kappers on her mouth, wagging the tail untypically intensely for the breed and thus being awarded BIG 2nd ;)!

Nina Breithen & J.S. Ben Stack picnicking with friends in Norway. Happiest of all is Glen´s best friend Mr Pig, who got to survive Xmas ;)!

Picnic´s in every corner of Norway ;), here Hilde & her "Russin" - Just So Sagaskott HalleBerry, with friends & family

Russin in snow




Söndagskos Elegance - by Russin´s big sister "Gyda"

Lingon in the Nordic Northern air - photo Madde Almkvist