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Just So Portraits

They´ll all get hairier & more handsome as they grow older, but today, between 8 Months - 2 years of age; they´re pretty pretty! :)

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Just So Airborne til t´Eagle Grins -"Juno"

Crail wanting to have her closeup taken ;)..

"Crail"- Just So Berneray Bedlam

Juno &  Ailsa

CC Toppan

CC Top TurnBerry

Teine Just So Jadeite - "Klasse"

Ailsa, Klasse, Rufsrufs & Rankin

"Russin" -"the BIG-Snapper" Just So Sagaskott HalleBerry & Hilde having won Best in sighthoundpuppy-group, Norway Jan 16 :)!!!