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November -09 is all about the US of A!

...Drumroll please... Michelle finally decided who´s gonna be the second member of her family to do a cultural exchange period in Europe... the winner is... Bruach´s Caledonia :) "Tanner"!!!!

A lovely male amongst equally fabulous littermates from the St. Louis Specialty mating, litter born July 23rd 2009. Proud parents are Kyleakin Condor (my Lupa´s litterbrother) from the superparents Utkinton Fitzhugh Talon & Kyleakin Linnet, and very pretty Mom Caretta´s Minx, "Minnie", from Susan Trow´s spectacular Lehigh Yuill & Fernhill´s Reiba-litter!

Tanner will arrive with us in May 2010, and we hope to keep him here for a good while, during which he´ll be learning Swedish and seeing Swedish girls..

Just So Teine Tayberry -"TB" - @ 6 Months. She´s loved and cared for at the home of one of the world´s best borzoibreeders; DVMs Anne Midgarden & Gregg Fugate, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Photo by Michelle Cowan portraying two of the best of her B- and C-litters; Miss Banner & Mr Tanner ;)!

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