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Alright, I will not be able to limit myself to a mere single shot per Month; how unsurprising ;)..

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Warum After Helge å-Bath..

Photo: Julia Franklin

August 2009

photo by the Franklin Family

Lurecoursing-practice. Teine Just So Jadeite don´t mind it´s only a plastic bag on a fishing rod string, Tilda handling proceedings like a pro :)

Reynard Franklin & family accompanied us to the Playa los Perros, Yngsjö

Genetics at it´s best - Mom Juno with C-litter kiddos, all sporting top of the line ears ;)..

Michigan is jampacked with great deerhoundbreeders; Algonkian, Bruach, Fitzhugh, Lehigh, Utkinton.. Above is Margaret Sudekum, Fitzhugh Huntley, myself, a slightly reluctant immigrant Just So JostaBerry, and Michelle Cowan; thanks girls for a terrific weekend!! 

Just So Airborne Bill Withers - "Milang"- did us very proud when he grabbed the BOB and the first Lurecoursing certificate in Gilleleje, Denmark, on August 8th, beating his 2 halfsisters owned by Tove Johnsen, Norway, by a mere frog´s hair ;). Many thanks to Swedish judges Mr Robert Dirksen & Mr Per Nordahl, for a for them uncommonly high score of 81points! A proud Jeanette Clausen & Milang in photo by Lotte Evers