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Just So Hounds in their new homes

If you are the happy owner of a Just So hound or relative, please contribute with photos on this page :)!

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Russin - Just So Sagaskott HalleBerry - stretching her summer days in Southern Norway. Photo by Rune & Hilde

Woman´s best friend; Just So Lingon Berry & Madde Almkvist

Great photo by AnnMary, Kalix

Possibly Sweden´s most photogenic deerhound Mom - Madde Almkvist & Lingon

Lingon & Matte Madde in AnnMary´s Photostudio, Kalix :)!


Basse & Scotti on Valentine´s Day 2010. They´re in Växjö. NOT at North Pole ;)...



Summer does exist! Just So Ben Nevis says so! Even though everything is JUST SNOW just now...

Just So Airborne Irma Thomas, "Islay", owner Johnny Andersson, Stockholm

Just So Lingon Berry, just before moving up to Northernmost Sweden & Uffe & Madde :)

Cutiepie Miss "Rufsrufs", just before moving to Eva in Lund. Thanks Reynard Franklin, for this superb photo!

What really goes on behind the scenes of one of the fastest deerhoundhomes in the US of A ;)! Just So Josta Berry - "Josta" here closest to Margaret Sudekum´s camera

Tuva amongst tuvor ;) happy owner Greyhound Jane Pettersson, Blidö/Stockholm

Just So Be It Whilst SIMmer Dim - "Tuva" - at her summer swimclass on Blidö, Stockholm archipelago

Just So Blixt Gordon left a flashlike trace ;)! Photo by Ellos in Lambhult ;)2

"Just So Blåbär", with 2 days older best friend "Evallens Chocolate Baxna" Thanks Sussie Karlsson, for great photo, and great care of our little blueberry girl :)

The Adorables :)! Nevis & Warum of the Franklin family in Gothenburgh - who needs Xmaspresents when they have boys that cute in the house?!! Thanks to Elisabeth, Kennel Lynx, for breeding Warum; "Lynx Private Dancer"

Fia, Ingvild & Berta, last day of 2009 - Öystein being the heroic photographer taking his glove off in 20degrees C subzero temperatures

A Halloween-greeting..ehh..sorry..Happy New Year´s greeting ;)! from Fia "Just So Butterfly Stampede" & Berta "J.S. Airborne Roberta Flack.And I´m STILL not afraid of dogs, he, he.. Great photo, thanks so much Ingvild & Öystein :)

The Franklin swimmers -Nevil, Warum, Irma, Tilda & Anne-Lee, relaxing on the Swedish West coast outside Gothenburgh. Photo by Julia Franklin

Just So Airborne Etta James - "Etta" - the very firstborn puppy here at Just So ;). Proud owner/photographer Anna Lindvall

Musling´s, Jeanette´s & Milang´s Happy New Year :)!

Am I a horse? Glen is as elegant as his friends on the Norwegian farm!

Glen - Just So Ben Stack - hoping his best friend will make it over Xmas..

Thank you Nina Breithen & family, for taking such great care of your farmer Glen ;)!

Gregg & TB resting after a sumptious holiday dinner, 2009/10. Incoming collect call from Sweden ;)

Kärt barn har många namn ;) here´s Islay/ Räkan/Irma Thomas again, photo courtesy Uncle Jompa, 2nd day of 2010

Miss Shrimp - "Räkan" -a.k.a Just So Airborne Irma Thomas -Airborne!

Photo/owner Johnny Andersson, Stockholm

Hilde & Russin, just shy of 8 Months. Both photos by Rune; thanks so much!

Hilde & Russin - "Just So Saga Skott Halle Berry" - exercising VERY successfully at the end of 2009 in between Xmas and New Year :)!

If we run past you quick enough it´ll have a hairdrying effect, right ;)?! Or was it "Hårresande effekt", ahum..

A cool "Deerhounder" Julia Franklin doesn´t mind sharks below OR above water whilst going for a dip 

CIrcus à la Ingvild, Berta & Fia. Photographer Öystein Flötteröd!

Berta = Just So Airborne Roberta Flack, Fia = Just So Butterfly Stampede, recent BIS-puppy at Norwegian Specialty at Brit Sörum´s home in Drammen, 2009. Judge Hector Heathcote, thank you :)!