Just So Deerhound Photo




Photographers take photos to find themselves

Personally I identify best with houndshots and Spanish workers..

Budapest 2008, Sigtuna Folkhögskola, Creative Photography. Theme for show: Brytning/Törés

(Mother said: "So, you´ve photographed a Coca Cola-sign??"

St Abbs, Scotland

View from Castle Rock Hotel, St.Abbs.. I´m the regular migrating bird to that wonderful place..

Leaving the safety of the Automatic Button behind! Had the shock of the schoolyear when my photographyteacher at Sigtuna informed me my camera´s lens was not switchable. I yelled: "WHAT?! Not even my usual problemsolvings-kills (glue/violence/ductape) applicable then???

Puffins on Fair Isle, Shetland. 4 the bookworm: anything by Ann Cleeves

Other side of St Abbs harbour